Where it all began

Since I was young, I have always been a very motivated, energetic individual. At age four I started playing sports, and have never stopped since. I love the competitive nature, and the continuous challenge to perform at my very best. From playing tennis to shredding it up on slopes, the importance of physical activity was instilled in me at a young age, and has become something that I truly enjoy and wish to share with others today.

My “Aha” moment

Today I focus heavily on having the right mindset and staying positive. However, I did not always think this way. My mindset, and honestly my entire life, changed when I entered the wonderful world of yoga in November 2014. Like many of us experience, I was going through a bit of a “rough” patch. I felt depressed, stressed, and not in control of my life. One day I sat down and thought hard about what I could do to change this situation. A few of my friends had mentioned meditation, and thought yoga might be a good place to start. So I said, “Why not? I have nothing to lose, and if nothing else, I’ll get a great workout.” I made a commitment to practice yoga for 10 days straight, and was pleasantly surprised by the results. Besides my body being incredibly sore, and yoga being much more challenging than I remembered, I felt more centered and in control of my mind. This was the beginning of a new me and a new life; this was my “Aha” moment. 

The beginning of a new life

Yoga and meditation opened my eyes to a whole new way of life. I became more self-aware, and really started to become in tune with my body and emotions.  I underwent a mindset shift...and I was not stopping there. To keep the momentum going, I decided to set some goals. They were: to go after my dreams without fear, to constantly challenge myself to learn and grow, and to stay positive and optimistic, even when times were tough. I’m not going to say that I accomplished all of these goals flawlessly; I am human and certainty not perfect. However, I stuck to them as best I could, and continue to use them to improve my mindset and make strides towards changing my life. One of these major strides was pursuing my passion for health and fitness. I began small by leading workout sessions with friends. I took my passion a step further by starting a health and wellness program at my former company, where I taught small group fitness classes and educated employees on the importance of health and wellness. From there I obtained my Barre certification and started teaching classes at the gym. A few months later, I decided to go all-in and get my personal training certification. Sharing my knowledge through fitness quickly became the best part of my day. I fell in love with helping others become the best versions of themselves, reaffirming that I was on the right path. 

Where I am now


In December 2015 I left the corporate world to pursue my passion, which is to help others live a happy, healthy, and holistic life. Personal training and teaching group fitness classes are just a few ways I help others accomplish this for themselves. My focus when training is not simply to get someone in great shape, but to help them make a lifestyle change to live a more healthy and positive life. Undergoing a lifestyle change means first undergoing a mindset shift. Otherwise you're already setting yourself up for failure before you begin. My tagline "Focus the mind. Tone the body." conveys my philosophy on how to live a healthy, happy, and holistic life, from the inside out. No "quick fixes" or "diets". These are temporary solutions; some people refer to them as fads. My core philosophy focuses on long-term, sustainable results.

Where you can be

It won't be easy, I know that for sure, but you can accomplish ANYTHING you put your mind to, and THIS is where we will begin. Positive thinking coupled with strong belief will get you anywhere you want to be in life. I have been through this myself, and know for a fact that this is true. You’re in control of your life; you’re in control of your mind; you’re in control of your body; and you’re in control of your happiness...NEVER let anyone tell you otherwise! And, just in case you're struggling to gain control of those things, as we all do from time to time, please know that I'm always here to cheer you on and help!

-Katie Sampayo