I love Katie’s Barre class. No matter how crowded the class is, she still gives each student the attention that student needs. She sincerely cares about her students getting the most out of each session. Katie will explain and demonstrate the routines and modify them for the students who need it. She has a passion for fitness and health. She challenges and motivates in a way that makes exercise ALMOST fun, and listens to the students’ feedback. I leave her class feeling good about myself!
— Katherine C.
Katie has been such a great help assisting me on achieving my weight loss goals. She is incredibly attentive and willing to help in any way she can. She is fun, positive, motivational and really is a joy to work with!
— Mairin B.
Katie is a great trainer. She’s motivating and keeps the workouts incredibly inspirational and positive, even when you feel like you’re about to give up. I noticed huge improvements while working with her— not just in the gym, but also in my desire to eat better and make sure I was getting enough hydration. She really is the definition of holistic.
— Kait L.
Katie Sampayo is not only a great friend, she is also a truly good person at heart, and from personal experience she is a great fitness instructor. She has dedicated the majority of her time to pursue her fitness career, therefore she is exceptionally knowledgeable in multiple areas of fitness such as Barre, Yoga, Pilates, weight training, running, and many more. From personal experience when I was training with Katie I realized she has a great passion for fitness, she is a great communicator and motivator, and she truly wants her customers to achieve their goals. If you want to achieve long term or short term fitness goals, Katie Sampayo would be a great choice for anyone.
— Irina K.
I was a member of Katie’s class on several occasions. She kept the classes fresh and exciting. She always offered ways for class members to adjust the exercises to meet their physical needs.
I was one of the most out of shape people in the class and she was always encouraging and supportive, even when I wanted to give up.
— Janet T.
When I met Katie three years ago, I was self-conscious about my body and timid when it came to trying new activities. She has helped me become the more active and adventurous person that I’ve always wanted to be. Katie encouraged me to learn to ski, practice yoga, go white water rafting, try surfing, and most recently, put myself out there to become a certified BodyJam instructor.

What I like most about Katie’s style is that she focuses on holistic personal fitness - body, mind, and nutrition. Despite introducing me to the world of wine and cheese, she has inspired me to create a healthier lifestyle by making wiser food choices and managing my portion sizes. If you’re looking for a lifestyle change, Katie’s your trainer of choice.
— Kristin R.
I have taken several of Katie’s Boot camp classes and really enjoyed the variety, intensity and overall workout. I train and compete in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and found that her classes not only assisted my cardio, but my muscular endurance as well. Katie does a great job of motivating the class and is very patient. There were several high level athletes in her classes along with a few beginners. She made everyone feel comfortable, and when they left, they wanted to come back for the next class. I would highly recommend checking out one of Katie’s classes.
— Scott R.
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Katie’s barre classes kicked my butt into shape! My favorite thing about Katie as an instructor is how hands-on she is. You NEVER feel like you are being asked to hold a pose for longer than you physically can, because Katie is right there along side you doing it with you (which is impressive!). Katie’s attitude and class presence bring both the physical and mental motivation that you need.
— Erin M.

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